Based in the Heartland, Scott Fischer is a powerful and versatile imaging voice for clients all over the world.   

Nationwide, TV and radio affiliates rely on his versatility and distinctive branding impact!  

Superfisch Brands the Buckaroos!  For the past several years Scott has imaged the CBS Sports Spectacular's PBR 15-15 Bucking Battles, and Iron Cowboy events. Those cowboys are the bravest athletes in any sport! Props to Cory Kelly's ChromaZone Productions for consistently awesome video and tremendous editing! Scott's also been the image voice of the PBR Finals Open! (PBR-WorldFinals-OpenTease.wmv)

Superfisch Brands Sports! NHL Network chose Scott's for its montage promo featuring their various shows. (WEB_AUDIO/NHL_Network_1109-MontagePromo.wmv)

Scott has voiced an awesome 70th Anniversary history of NASA's Armstrong Flight Center. It is amazing to see how far we've come and how far we'll go! (  

His unique style will make him the perfect choice for your next news promo, commercial, corporate narrative, flash presentation, or multimedia project. Scott's versatile vocal talents can give you many options - a voiceprint that's warm and reassuring, bold and intense, quirky and fun, soft and sexy, downtown, or hometown. 

Myriad reads - always right!

SuperFisch: Distinctive - Versatile - Affordable 


  • He is the voice artist who can help you today.

  • He can image your clients with a special voiceprint

  • His clients TRUST him - YOU can too.

  • No Promo Agents-No Hassles-Call Direct!

Jim Claussen, Vice President Promotion/Creative Services-FSN South: "Scott's 'can do' attitude with his 'will do it right away -and with a smile' work ethic has made him the ideal voice talent for this Network. In sixteen plus years of working with him, he has never been too busy, too tired, missed a deadline, or not given 110% on every read."

Ger Demarest, KOB TV:  "You'll not find a voice over artist who is more versatile, flexible, dependable, or fun to work with than Scott Fischer."

Tim Campbell WEEK TV: "Imagine going to a store that is rich in quality and variety.  Everything you are looking for, everything you need - with plenty of options. To top that off, you experience customer service like no other store, they are there when you need help, always listen, and go above and beyond to find what you are looking for. That's what you get when you go with Scott Fischer. SuperFisch truly is Super!"

Joel Grey KPKX FM: "Scott Fischer and I have worked together for years from Indianapolis to Phoenix to Portland. In every market Scott Fischer has helped me make my radio stations one of the top stations in the market. Scott is a true Pro, he's always come through for us, sometimes at a moments notice. If you want a Major Market Voice for your station, go with SuperFisch."



SuperFisch - The Promo Voice Superhero

  • Trusted Versatile Signature Talent
  • Flexible, Fun, and Fast 
  • Daily Topicals are his Specialty
  • Best Voice - Best Price 

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Email: Phone: (317) 514-5757                                     

Represented by: VOICE SCOUTS,  Becky Wilmes - Commercial & Narrative VO  877-351-1060.

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