Who Is SuperFisch?

Scott.jpg (5907 bytes)Who Is SuperFisch ? - The Promo Voice Superhero!

Scott Fischer is SuperFisch!

Scott, a former 35 year radio veteran, was inspired by Los Angeles based Voice Coach and teacher Marice Tobias. "I am honored to know and still admire her. Thank you Marice for your support and encouragement! Since that first meeting, I’ve had a relentless pursuit to do promo voiceover  work - what I love doing most! I highly recommend Tobias Communication's seminars and coaching services."

 You've heard him nationally voicing The PBR for CBS, for ABC/ESPN, NBC, NHL Network, and DirecTv.  He's been a corporate voice of Allison Transmission, Roche, and Eli Lilly and NASA.   In addition to his television and radio promo clients, he has voiced commercials for Lending Tree, HEB Food stores, Delta Dental, Subway, IGA , Skyline Chili, KFC, Kittle's, American Dairy Association and many others.

Scott is also a leading advocate of low power micro radio. His company RADIOGENICS markets low power transmitters for a wide variety of uses. Check it out at www.superfisch.com/rg.

Scott and his wife Pam live in Fishers, Indiana

Scott Fischer: SuperFisch Is Available 


                 Email: superfisch@mindspring.com Phone 317-514-5757                            

Represented by: VOICE SCOUTS, Becky Wilmes -Commercial & Narrative VO  877- 351-1060.

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