The SuperFisch Studio
The Voice of Power!

We’ve all got the technology.

He uses an eclectic mix of the best of old tried and true, with the latest digital equipment and delivery services via FTP: .AIFF, .WAV, .MP3

Scott uses Earshot Audio Post for all ISDN sessions. (317-803-3727)




Source Connect, IpDtl, Cleanfeed

Musicam Roadrunner for sale!  


Neumann U87, Shure SM5B, Shure SM7, Shure KSM32 SuperFisch mics

Mic Processors Valley 400, Symetrix 528mic processor

Mackie 1604VLZPRO 

Digital Recorders Sound Forge Pro Vegas Pro 
Analog Recorders Otari MX5050BII, Ampex ATR 700, Denon T620
Effects iZotope RX7, Alesis Midiverb 4, Acoustic Mirror, Wave Hammer,  
Computer Dell XPS  


Rimage 360i CD/DVD recorder - duplicator


Fax on separate line if necessary! (does anyone fax anymore?)

Frank Sinatra
Frank's on his wall too!

Scott Fischer: SuperFisch Is Available!!!

Email: Phone: 317- 514-5757

Represented by: Voice Scouts, Becky Wilmes - Commercial VO  877- 351-1060.  

SuperFisch Demo CD Available! We’d be happy to send you our latest Superfisch Demo-CD.  Don’t forget to ask about your "Scott – Free" audition session. Book your sessions, and lock in your favorite recording window today! Website designed and created by Greg Miller. Contact

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